About ME

Sidney Parks is a professional illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Sequential Art. He previously worked producing and editing his school’s student-run magazine as Art Director. He later worked overseeing both the magazine and the online editorial as the student media’s Editor-in-Chief. He has experience working within a variety of different markets, including advertising, children’s books, and editorial. He received several Gold Circle Awards for journalism and design in print and online media. He has also worked with international companies, such as trivago GmbH, creating illustrations for use in their offices. He’s currently working in Houston, TX.

           "Every time I sit down to do a piece, I absorb myself in everything I can about the image I plan on creating. I’ve always been a sucker for details, which has subsequently translated into my perfectionist attitude towards rendering. Whether I’m working on simple, fun images for children’s books or magazines, or I’m creating a reverent portraiture of a prolific writer or activist, I put all my effort into making it the best work it can be. This on top of my minimalist slant has turned me into a very focused graphic artist and illustrator, always finding new ways to use the digital tools I’ve worked with nearly my entire life to create innovative designs and graphics for companies and individuals. I particularly adore logo design and minimalist portraiture, but I have a huge background in editorial and website design as well, rounding out my field of work very nicely and giving me a good range of work overall."